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What are we here for?

Textiles flow between industrial laundry and a hotel or hospitals is followed by numerous linen losses and mistakes.

For this reason, the number of washings increases, textiles lifetime reduces, thus leading to the growth of new textile production, packaging use, as well as number of laundries done and expenses growth.

Raccoon Textile & Laundry Management System based on RFID technology solves the most challenging problems of the companies  dealing with large amount of  laundry every day:




Due to a lack of information about laundry textile whereabouts and quantity of items, together with lost and defective linen, textiles owners (hotel or laundry) purchase and store an excessive amount of textiles. 

In addition, extra washing cycles are made, thus leading to over expenditure of water and energy.

Water & resources overuse

Mistakes of employees cause losses and misunderstandings with contractors. Lack of traceability and automation is a problem for both sides: laundry and hotel.  Both need more data and the reduction of human factors at every level.

Up to 10% of linen a month is defected

Up to 4% of textile is stolen or lost

Lack of data & control keep it complicated to trace the whereabouts and solve problems with linen.

Manual counting of received linen in an industrial laundry is what takes most of the processing time.

We have a solution 


navy big raccoon.png

Raccoon Textile &  Laundry Management System solves the most significant difficulties of linen flow between an industrial laundry and hotel, gym, hospital or other, as well as of textile control itself: automated processing management, data collecting and analytics, high-speed counting, and even more.

What is it?

The system consists of Hardware (RFID tags and readers) & Software that is developed to solve the most significant problems concerning laundry process, starting with the textile storage and making step-by-step automated processes easy and efficient.






RFID tags are a type of tracking system that uses radio frequency to search, identify, track, and communicate with items and people.

Essentially, RFID tags are smart labels that can store a range of information from serial numbers, to a short description, and even pages of data.

rfid scanner.png

RFID tags transmit data
to the RFID reader 
and then - to a computer
where information is processed 
by Raccoon service soft.


Advantages of Raccoon

Sustainability & Automation

Raccoon textile and laundry management system enables using textiles and utilities, like water and energy, as efficiently as possible, thus making the prosses much more sustainable & economical.

Furthermore, using of Raccoon Management System reduces human errors and improves productivity by saving time on monotonous tasks, leaving staff to perform more rewarding tasks.

High Speed and Control Level 

Tags are read in 0.01 sec., possibility to add and store the required data including  the history of every unit, number of laundries and the possible presence of defects, enables full control and influences speed.

Cost & Loss Reduction 

By automating tasks and optimizing human intervention, errors can be reduced considerably whilst  productivity and quality can be increased. This allows to reduce resources and costs.

The ability of the system to record in real time the location of of each unit of laundry provides accurate traceability data and ultimately benefits in loss reduction.


Improvement of customer relations

By reducing errors and having complete visibility of the entire production chain, the laundry has all the necessary information to offer a quality service and thus increase customers loyalty.

Watch the short video to see how tag reading  works and how the data is saved.

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