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Sustainability & Control for every day

We know from our own experience that every hotel and industrial laundry working with a large amount of linen daily faces the same issues with linen control:

Lack of laundry flow traceability 

Ongoing mistakes and losses

Lack of statistics data

Overspent time for counting and sorting and money for linen renewal.

For the ones focusing on guest satisfaction, it is crucial to remain competitive and deliver the highest quality service imaginably.

Raccoon is a Smart Solution

Real-time Traceability 


Instant Counting and Inventory 


Anti-theft control


Electronic documents exchange

Being a professional laundry service for several years, we understand all the difficulties in an industrial laundry everyday work and we have developed a solution for end-to-end automation of the most challenging tasks in laundry and textile management processes.

Sustainability & Automation

Raccoon textile and laundry management system enables using textiles and utilities, like water and energy, as efficiently as possible, thus making the prosses much more sustainable & economical.

Furthermore, using of Raccoon Management System reduces human errors and improves productivity by saving time on monotonous tasks, leaving staff to perform more rewarding tasks.

Improvement of customer relations

By reducing errors and having complete visibility of the entire production chain, the laundry has all the necessary information to offer a quality service and thus increase customers loyalty.

High Speed and Control Level 

Tags are read in 0.01 sec., possibility to add and store the required data including  the history of every unit, number of laundries and the possible presence of defects, enables full control and influences speed.

Cost & Loss Reduction 

By automating tasks and optimizing human intervention, errors can be reduced considerably whilst  productivity and quality can be increased. This allows to reduce resources and costs.

The ability of the system to record in real time the location of of each unit of laundry provides accurate traceability data and ultimately benefits in loss reduction.



Not visible on linen
Can survive multiple washing and finishing 
through a variety of processes
Security: anti-theft function
Can withstand up to 200 degrees (С)

how it works.png

Watch the short video to see how tag reading  works and how the data is saved.

The Raccoon system is based on RFID technologies.

RFID tags are sewed into the hotel textile and are not visible in it.

Related equipment for tags reading is installed in the laundry and hotel together with software. Counting of textiles is made upon receiving and sending.

Both laundry and hotel representatives have their real-time access to the information about whereabouts and the current status of textile in processing via personal account.

Complete control and traceability together with collected data management minimize the number of losses and mistakes.

RFID tags transmit data
to the RFID reader 
and then - to a computer
where information is processed by Raccoon  soft.

What we care about
Умные часы
Your time

We work to save your time at every step, including no-human pick-up possibility and automation of counting and washing process. Saving your time is saving money as well.


We implement technology that influences water saving, which is highly important for our planet today. We believe that possibilities of current time must be used with maximum benefit and no harm. 


No matter how often we repeat it, the service quality importance is no doubt. It includes not only clean textile, but a convenient service as well. 

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